Friday, November 6, 2009

KNOCK, KNOCK...who is there?

We were richly blessed by a visit from Kay and Darrell (my second cousin and her husband) from California and also by my cousin Serena and her son Jayden from Carrollton. They graciously took a day out of their vacation to drive down and meet Cade and Gracyn!

We spent the day chatting, munching, playing, exploring,
taking a walk and reminiscing about old times.

What a beautiful day of family F-U-N!

{Mr. Jayden}

How handsome is he?

Thanks for taking the time and effort to drive down to our little 'ole casa for a visit.

Y'all come back soon now,
ya hear!!!


Janie said...
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Janie said...

I bet Cade and Gracyn had a wonderful time playing with their little cousin, Jayden. Looks like you all had a wonderful time visiting with the extended family.

RANDY said...

Beck, we all had a great time with you all with everyone...I know they all really enjoyed the day and the food..thanks for showing everyone a wonderful time...we love you.....