Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ALMOST a Wordless Wednesday

Dear Nani,

Just so you know, I plan on sending the "parent note"

straight to your door

next year in kindergarten when his teacher says

he enjoys crafting airplanes out of his papers,
instead of working on them!

Thanks for the life lessons!

We love you dearly.


Amanda said...

Now he's ready for the paper airplane book with the paper included to make all the really cool airplanes. He'll be getting this for Christmas. :-) I have this book too and my students loved it when we made these in class as a special center time. Keep being creative Cade! You shine so bright with your smile and talents.
Love you,
Aunt Manda

Patti said...

I always enjoy doing all kinds of things with you are such a happy boy! We always have so much fun!
I love my sweeties dearly too!! (All four of you!)
Nani, Mom, Patti

RANDY said...

What is life without a little and Amanda should know...remember the news cast you all the way, the recipe for the french dip sandwiches was a HIT!!! yummy!!!!!!
Dad, Papa :~)