Thursday, July 8, 2010


 Finally, I took the time to post our pictures from the Fourth of July!

We had a FaNtAsTiC, family-FuN-filled

After we finally got all of our "stuff" loaded up for a short weekend getaway... 

We headed south to Lake Whitney!

My cousin Scott owns a lake house there,
 that he so graciously offered to host everyone at.
And when I say everyone, I mean everyone...

10 adults, 3 kids, and one baby!

luckily it has lots of room and
there were people everywhere, and
 we shared the bathrooms, and
 it was rarely quiet, but
everytime I looked around,
everyone was Smiling,
Laughing, Joking, or Telling old stories
about going to the lake when they were young.

We had so much fun, what a blessing to be able to
say that about your family!

On his property Scott has several fruit trees. 
The peach tree in particular was loaded down with beautiful fruit.
It was so heavy, that the branches were hanging on the ground!

Gracie busied herself with picking peaches and storing them
 in a butterfly catching net!

Cade even skinned one with his teeth and proceeded to
chomp away at all the sweet, juicy goodness...
Whitney was quick to warn him to check the middle
"white wigglies"

Cade declared his peach
"white wiggly" free
and chowed down!!!

This from my uber picky kid.

The fruit trees attracted a multitude of butterflies.

Lucky for Cade,
he is kin to one expert butterfly catcher...

This girl didn't need a net!  All she needed was the 2 hands God gave her to lay hold of those beauties!
Cade took lessons from Whitney and was catching his
own butterflies by the end of the weekend!
They were like 2 peas in a pod. 
I think they were cut from the same cloth!
They were the best of friends.

We relaxed

Snuggled with Uncle D after naptime

Swam in the pool

Water skiied, tubed, swam, and rode around the lake on Scott's
awesome boat

Ate more delicious food than you could shake a stick at...

And put on the best fireworks show in the neighborhood...

All said we had tired bodies, but full hearts 
on the way

It was a FOURTH to remember.

We each made some new family memories
and I look forward to making more in the years to come!

Thanks Uncle Scott


God Bless the USA

Is it just me or does anyone else still tear up
when they hear the ole' Lee Greenwood


Rebecca said...

I am tearing up right now b/c I am reading your blog and seeing your sweet kiddos and know that you are miles away!! I already miss you. I am glad that I will be headed your way next week and will get to see you again :) I am praying that you hear good news about your job interview tomorrow.

Jennifer said...

Oh Becky! So glad that we have blogs and emails to keep up in some small way. Totally not as good as in person, though. I loved all the pictures and run-down! I have to tell you that today I was talking to Abs about some of the people that were planning on coming on Saturday and then she started asking me about some different people that might come. She said, "and Gracyn??" I had to tell her no and tell her that Gracyn had moved. She seemed a bit concerned about this. :-( Hoping to see you again soon!
p.s. I played Lee Greenwood's song on the 4th because that is a song that will forever be a song for this time of the year!

jane deere said...

Wow, Becky! You had a packed weekend! You have such a great looks like y'all had a blast!

I'm missin' ya every day! I'll see you soon, though!

By the way...your pictures are awesome! Especially the fireworks...I need you to give me some lessons...seriously!