Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A FUNNY dog, a FINICKY cat and a hamster who steals the show

We spent the evening with some friends this weekend
and watched a great family movie!

If you haven't seen Walt Disney's

we would definitely recommend that you check it out soon.

Bolt is the story of an American white Shepard who
has lived his entire life on the set of his made for TV
sci-fi action show,
where he believes he has special super powers!
Through an accident, he becomes separated from his owner
Penny and sets out on a cross country trek to reunite with her!
Along the way, he meets an old alley cat named Mittens
and an absolutely fearless, hysterically funny,
TV-obsessed hamster named
{who by the way was my favorite
and stole the show with his quick wit, crazy faces, and loyalty}
Through a series of adventures the unlikely friends
realize that it doesn't take "super powers" to
accomplish a mission...

just teamwork!

I love this shot of Punzie {the little dog} eyeing Gracie's
popcorn like a hawk!!!!

1 comment:

Nani said...

Good times, good friends...what more could you ask for!!!
Glad you all had fun.