Friday, January 22, 2010

Fun Fridays, my favorite things...

Spontaneous moments of doing things together.

Boy oh Boy,
have we been having some fantastic spring weather down south!
It has been in the 70's for the past 3 days!

The three of us have been taking advantage of all the sunshine
by playing outside in the yard as much as possible.
On Wednesday, Cade and I made a mad dash for the trampoline,
after Gracie went down for her nap.

We bounced,
held hands,
flopped down,
made silly faces,
got up
and did it all over again!
We just had ourselves the best little time.

While we were doing a "half time" from jumping, I ran in to snatch up my camera and shoot some shots of my little buddy!

These were taken with my Canon 50 mm lens, which I really L-O-V-E.
Plus I mean, let's be does help when you've got
the cutest boy on the block to photograph :)


RANDY said...

All these good memories, once they are made,are gone forever...cherish these wonderful times and capture as many as you can....years from now they will bring back laughter and tears of days gone by....we love you all dearly.

Melissa said...

Such a handsome little man with such pretty eyes--watch out, ladies!

Patti said...

What great pictures!!! He is such a ham...
I know you both had a fun time together! Take as many pictures as you can because the times flies by so quick.
They grow up before you very eyes!!!

Amanda said...

Oh my what a sweet cutie pie. He will be such a heartbreaker. He is one handsome nephew and love the fun personality he has. Cade is so sweet and fun-loving. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to come down a few months after Kelton is born and join in the fun!
Aunt Manders

Orlando said...

These are terrific snapshots, thank you.