Saturday, January 16, 2010

Conversations with a 5 year old

{image from here}

When I went into Cade's room to wake him up from quiet time on Friday,
our conversation was as follows....

Me- Hi Cade, it's time to get up buddy.

Cade- Hey Mommy. {big stretch and eye rub} I have a surprise for you.

M- What is it?

C- I saved you a spot right here, to lay in my bed and snuggle with me.

M- {climbing into his twin bed}
Oh Cade, that is so sweet of you, thank you!

C- I'll save you a spot forever Mommy.

M- Cade, you just melted my heart! I sure do love you!

C- I'll save you a spot forever Mommy because
I LOVE YOU forever
{he proceeds to give me a gigantic hug}

It was a Kodak moment for my heart...


Jennifer said...

sssooo sweet! kids really are pretty awesome!

Rebecca said...

How precious! Those are the moments that get us through the hard times

Patti said...

My little punkin is so sweet...he amazes me all the time with his tender words and actions!
Beck, you are doing a wonderful job of raising your children!!! I am so proud of you, never changing, never wavering from your Godly principles in your life and the lives of Cade and Gracie!!!
You love shines through...
I love you dearly,

Melissa said...

I know that was exactly what you needed to hear at that moment! What a sweet little guy :-)

ginny said...

That is so sweet!

Ashley said...

oh be still my heart!! that is just precious! i can't wait until court and beckham can have a long conversation with me.... hopefully, they will say words just as sweet! court did say.... " i wuv you momma" the other day. can't get him to repeat it, but i have it etched in my memory forever! :)