Thursday, July 30, 2009


This morning we pulled out of the driveway headed toward the train station.

Not for Cade to admire all the colorful engines, but for him to actually RIDE one...all the way to DALLAS no doubt. {with his Nani in tow}

He was soooooooo excited to be an actual passenger instead of an onlooker!

Enjoy this special day little man.

I'm praying for a super FaNtAsTiC {non-eventful} ride for you and Nonners!

Mommy can't wait to hear all about it tomorrow!


Amanda said...

HOW FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ever since your mom told me they were doing that I've been thinking it's a terrific idea. My mom should definitely do that with B sometime. Hope Cade had a BLAST!!!

Alisha Stewart said...

so fun. for landon's b-day we are thinking about getting tickets for he and his papa to the polar express train ride in arlington. i'll say a little prayer for his safe arrival.

RANDY said...

First train ride to Nanni and Papa's house. Now that he is used to it there is no excuse!!!! Glad he was able to make the trip..can't wait to see you all!!!
Papa (dad)

Kristi said...

Hope it turned out great! That pic of Cade with his ticket is precious!

Nani said...

We have a fantastic time together on all the trains. After a short layover in Fort Worth we hopped on the Trinity Railway Express train to Nani and Papa's house. But we had to stop at Big State Drug first to get some ice cream!
I'm looking forward to many more fun train rides little man!!!