Friday, May 29, 2009

Schools out for Summer

Man, oh man what a difference a year can make!

I purposely dressed him in the same outfit so we could really SEE how much he's physically
changed and grown in one school year.

This year in the PK-3's he's learned:

-- to write his name

-- many, many Bible stories

-- how to share

-- how to stand in line

-- how to be a friend

-- improved cutting skills

-- how to follow a maze

-- how to sit on his square at carpet time

-- songs of all sorts in music class

-- counting by 10's

-- how to be the snack helper

-- coloring in the lines (sorta)

-- what a "center" is

-- how to "be the dad" at home center

-- responsibility for his backpack & folder

-- sight words

-- numbers 50-100: count and recognize

And most importantly...
-- that school is a place to love, a place we look forward to going to, a place full of friendly faces, high fives, and fist bumps, and teachers who love you on your very best and very worst of days, a place to belong and feel accepted, and a place we look forward to returning to in the fall! It was not just a good year, but a great year and in just 14 short years I'll be writing about him graduating from high school...oh my stars!

But for now...bring on



Amanda said...

My, my how much he's grown. So much I can hardly believe it. He's a small man growing so quickly. So glad it's summer. I'll be out soon too and comin down to stay. I love you Cade.
Aunt Manders

Kristi said...

Wow-- he sure has grown!! Love that he knows "how to play the dad" in the home center! I love watching the kiddos role-play in that center. It is precious to see those values they learn at home being acted out in the real world.
Amen for summer, my friend. Let's PLAY!

Melissa said...

So glad Cade had such a successful year! Here's looking forward to a fabulous and fun summer!!!

Patti said...

Cade has really grown these past nine is so amazing!
He'll have a great summer with swimming lessons and gymnastics.
Hugs & kisses,