Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick-or-Treat, Smell My Feet!

I use to LOVE to say that as a kid! And this year was no exception!

Our friends the Murrahs' hosted a huge Halloween party for everyone in our Young Families class at church! We took the kids trick-or-treating around in their neighborhood together. Cade really had fun this year knocking on doors, saying TRICK-OR-TREAT and gathering up goodies in his orange backpack. Do you know what character carries an orange backpack?
In years past he's been,

a dalmatian puppy '05
my vintage cowboy '06
an Aggie baseball player '07
and this year...drum roll please....
DIEGO the animal rescuer!
Even after the trick-or-treating was over, Cade helped Mrs. Debbie hand out candy to the kids that came looking for treats at her door. He really got "in to" guessing what the other kids had dressed up as. One little girl came to the door dressed as Cinderella, and he said, "ohhh Mommy look, she's a pwetty, pwetty pwincess!" He's already noticing "pwetty" girls at age 3 1/2...YIKES :)
Steve did another stellar job on carving our pumpkin this year! He's got the steadiest hand this side of the Mississippi...I can't even compete! When I asked him if he did toenails, he said I couldn't afford him! HA!!!

Steve carved a friendly witch and Cade put together her little cat!

And Miss Gracyn you're asking??? She went to the party as her own sweet self wearing a pumpkin shirt and comfy leggings! She had fun crawling around "unobstructed" and pulling up on all of the furniture at the Murrah house. Don't worry your pretty little heads, my dears...she'll be suited up, walking, and looks for treats next year with her brother! Hope all of your Halloweens' were SPOOK-TACULAR.

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