Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Birthday to YOU, Sweet Libby Lou

Cade and I made a quick trip over to Frisco
this afternoon to help celebrate the big
for Miss Regan Elizabeth!
The party was held at a super, huge gymnastics center! 
The kids got to rotate around the gym
in small groups
enabling them to try out all the equipment. 
After they got good and tired out, we
headed to the party room for
a rainbow themed soiree.

Ginny baked layered rainbow cupcakes and the each
child got to decorate their own cupcake!

It was a BIG hit with everyone :)

What a fun party...

When we drove away Cade asked,
"Mommy can we drive back to Frisco tomorrow?"

That's the sure sign of a good party in my book!

Thanks Ginny
Happiest Birthday Wishes

to you

Sweet Libby Lou

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