Friday, February 12, 2010

Fun Fridays....My Favorite Things

While holiday shopping
{well...we'll call it "shopping", truth be told I actually just
roamed the store, listened to the piano player and drooled over all the
uber-trendy, ultra expensive clothes that I would never actually purchase for myself}
at Nordstrom, I found myself in the hat department.

Not that I was actually in the market for a hat, but it was close to the area that had scarves
and I was in the market for a new scarf!
While browsing the hat department I actually tried on this little

I thought it might be my one purchase for the day {because I refuse to pay 40 bucks for a scarf}until I saw the $48.00 price tag...

Seriously...for a basic black knit cap?

Liked it, but kept walkin' girlfriends.
And, is it just me or is anyone else not interested in a cap that actually
says "Juicy" in bold black letters on the back. Anyhoo...

Fast forward 2 months.

We here in the heart of Texas have had A LOT of rainy days in the past month.
With all the damp weather lately, I'm sick
of wearing ball caps to hide this

hot mess

I call my HAIR.

Lucky for Target, I was perusing their aisles shopping for Valentines
goodies for my little darlings when I happened upon this little guy...

Hello CUTIE...

What's that, you cost $9.99.

Love IS in the air!

{photo credit}

She was the last one in black so I guess I'm not the only girl needing
another way to hide NOT fixing my hair in the mornings, but ACTUALLY look like
I just want to roll with my super trendy military cap!

I just love finding a good deal.

What's been your bargain FIND of the month?


Jennifer said...

how cute are you?! love it!

Beth said...

So cute!! Brian has a few hats in that style, and I like to sneak them on those damp, noone needs to be punished by seeing my hair days. :) You look adorable!

Rebecca said...

Very good purchase. I needed a hat this morning as Kylee and I were running errands. My hair looked horrible.

Melissa said...

Cute! I'm sure it will come in handy with this crazy weather we've been having :-) And my deal of the month was finding big, lined baskets for $3.99 at Lowes. I got 4, one for each of us!

Amanda said...

Since I am learning to knit, I could just make you a few of those cute hats in different colors, if you want. Glad you found a bargain, and the Target hat is much cuter than the other one. I agree about the Couture part. Just give me a plain hat without all the words on it.

Kristi said...

So cute. You're making me want one! You rock that thing, girl! ; )

Patti said...

I love your picture in your new hat!!! You look so cute!
Keep the blog stories coming!
Love you,